LALA 100


Client: Grupo LALA • Country: Mexico • Year: 2017

Branding Packaging Bottle Design POP


Lala 100 is the latest great innovation in milk due to its technological process of ultrafiltration. That is how 100 Protein and Lala 100 Non-dairy came into existence. Lala 100 Non-dairy is a product that preserves milk´s delicious flavor and adds a larger nutritional contribution aimed at people with an active lifestyle.


To create the visual for Lala 100, it was important to consider that this milk was completely new in the market. It was, therefore, necessary to captivate milk consumers with bottle and package designs that are eye-catching and novel.


Along the brand strategy, a bottle with comforting properties was designed, together with a clean and fresh graphic image. The graphic elements and attributes were simplified so that the white color of milk stands out.

Today Lala 100 is positioned as a high-value brand in the Mexican market. Without a doubt, the design of both the bottle and package were key to achieving that result and to De Leon, it is rewarding that Lala continuously acknowledges this fact.

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