Cuetara Cookies


CLIENT: Cuetara Group • COUNTRY: MEXICO • YEAR: 2015

Branding Brand Startegy Packaging


Founded in 1929, Cuetara is a 100% Mexican brand with a strong tradition. Through several decades, the brand has been consolidated in the cookie market as an accessible option for the whole family. It includes a wide portfolio of delicious products made of high-quality ingredients.


Despite its strength and constant presence in the display rack, Cuetera was losing impact among its consumers due the perception as an old-fashioned brand. Therefore, it was necessary to re-design its graphic image to reclaim its value. The key was to incorporate fresh and current elements in its packaging to maximize its presence ahead of its competitors.


A very efficient brand strategy was executed, which dictated the norms to differentiate the products through a graphic structure of red color, which is easy to identify in the display rack. The resign of the logo and packages, the product photography and recipes contributed to rejuvenate the brand. Today, Cuetera is once again perceived as a modern, fresh and attractive brand, and best of all, it continues to maintain its strong tradition.

  • "Thanks to the work of De León Profesionales, Cuetera now has an elegant and modern brand that stands out in the aisles of the stores. I am very satisfied with the result."

    JUAN JOSÉ DE LA PUENTE Director General Cuétara

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