CLIENT: GRUPO LALA • COUNTRY: MEXICO • Year: 1983 / 2000-To present

Branding Brand Strategy Packaging


Lala is a dairy and milk derivatives brand leader in Mexico with a strong presence in the United States, Central America and Brazil. Founded in 1949, Lala´s vision has always been to take care of families by developing healthy and nutritious products. Its constant search for innovation has positioned Lala as the second leading brand in Mexican household penetration.


Any dynamic brand needs to constantly reinvent itself in the face of aggressive competitors, adverse market tendencies or continuous changes in consumer habits. The national leadership of such a big brand must be consolidated in each one of its consumer touchpoints. At the same time, a more demanding public requires high quality in its products with designs that are approachable, modern and honest.


With a clear focus in maintaining a coherent and consistent message, the re-design of Lala´s identity conveys a sense of the brand heading into the future. This vision of leadership must be promoted in each one of its categories and touchpoints. Few brands can sustain such a dynamic pace in captivating consumers with a wide variety of offers as well as a message that is catered to particular interests and tastes, while at the same time, maintain a solid unified brand.

For over 18 years we have been proud partners of a first-rate team that placed Lala as the biggest dairy brand in Mexico. Behind every brand touchpoint in Mexico, United States and Central America there is a strategy, a design or an implementation of our design team.

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